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Fig. 3

From: Construction and characterization of an improved DNA-launched infectious clone of duck hepatitis a virus type 1

Fig. 3

IFA observation of transfected/infected BHK-21 cells. (a) BHK-21 cells were transfected with the recombinant plasmid DNA of pIR-DHAV-1; (b) BHK-21 cells were infected by the parental virus of LY0801 strain; (c) BHK-21 cells were transfected with the plasmid DNA of pIR. After passaging for three times, IFA was conducted by incubation of anti-DHAV-1 mAb 4F8 (dilution of 1:1000 with PBS) for 1 h at 37 °C, followed by incubation in 37 °C for 1 h with FITC-labeled goat anti-mouse antibody. Red bars represent 10 μm

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