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Table 1 The number of reads from RNA-seq data

From: ZIKV infection effects changes in gene splicing, isoform composition and lncRNA expression in human neural progenitor cells

  mock-1 mock-2 ZIKV-1 ZIKV-2
Number of reads Left Right Left Right Left Right Left Right
Total reads 7,927,777 7,927,777 7,391,076 7,391,076 7,361,527 7,361,527 7,621,347 7,621,347
Mapped reads 7,606,613 7,476,318 7,069,569 6,803,489 7,019,141 6,899,086 7,231,763 7,121,414
Unique reads 7,339,241 7,215,072 6,816,384 6,562,659 6,771,681 6,657,458 6,980,585 6,875,554
  1. “total redas” was the clean reads of RNA-seq data. “mapped reads” was the number of reads aligned to human reference genome. “unique reads” was the number of reads aligned to one site. “Left and Right” was the forward and reverse reads of RNA-seq data, respectively. “mock-1 and mock-2” were control RNA-seq data. “ZIKV-1 and ZIKV-2” were ZIKV infected RNA-seq data