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Table 1 Contrasting activity of RSV and PVM nonstructural proteins on select ISGs

From: The nonstructural proteins of Pneumoviruses are remarkably distinct in substrate diversity and specificity

ISG name GenBank# % Reduction by RSV NS1 or NS2 % Reduction by PVM NS1 or NS2 [24]
IFIT1 NM_001548 84% NS1, 17% NS2 Not done
IFITM3 NM_021034 82% NS1, 17% NS2 Not done
MAPK8 AB451231.1 2% NS1, 33% NS2 Not done
IFITM1 NM_003641 7% NS1, 5% NS2 63% NS1, 32% NS2
TRAFD1 NM_006700 16% NS1, 0% NS2 68% NS1, 76% NS2
ISG20 NM_002201 23% NS1, 0% NS2 18% NS1, 54% NS2
  1. This is a numerical summary of reduction of the selected ISGs by the two pneumoviral NS proteins, expressed individually. The RSV data were calculated with the average band intensities of the immunoblot of Fig. 1a, which were also graphically plotted in Fig. 1b, and the PVM data were calculated by densitometry of the corresponding immunoblot in our recent publication [24]. “Not done” indicates ISGs for which recombinant mouse homologs were unavailable. Note that in this Table we present the percent reduction of the ISG, whereas in Fig. 1b (bar graph), the percent remaining is plotted; thus 84% reduction of ISG here corresponds to 16% remaining ISG in Fig. 1b. RSV NS proteins affected the upper three ISGs are more strongly than the lower three