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Table 5 Summary of findings for Orthopox DNA PCR

From: Validation of a pan-orthopox real-time PCR assay for the detection and quantification of viral genomes from nonhuman primate blood

Parameter Conclusion
Precision Acceptable when GC/5 μL is ≥ LLOQ
Selectivity Matrix effects of 13–25%
Accuracy within 50–150% (when ≥ LLOQ)
Standard Curve LOD: 2.5 GC/5 μL
LLOQ: 50 GC/5 μL
ULOQ: 5 × 107 GC/5 μL
Efficiency: 2.0 ± 0.2
Stability: ≥ 92 days
HA standards stable after 10 freeze thaws
PEC stable for at least 4 months
Master Mix stable for at least 8 months
Specificity orthopox specific; see also [4]
Robustness no/little effect when changing extraction kit lots, Master Mix lots, or LightCycler instruments