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Table 2 Geographic origin, isolation host and genome segment characteristics of the 8 ALPV isolates examined in this study

From: Viral metagenomics of aphids present in bean and maize plots on mixed-use farms in Kenya reveals the presence of three dicistroviruses including a novel Big Sioux River virus-like dicistrovirus

Isolate Name GenBank No Country of origin Host/Reservoir Genome size (bp) reference
KE Maize MF458892 Kenya Maize 9749 This study
KE Aphid P7 LN907588 Kenya A. fabae 9792 This study
KE Aphid P9 LN907586 Kenya A. fabae 9801 This study
Israel JX480861 Israel Aphis nerii 9835 [53]
S. Africa NC004365 South Africa R. padi 9812 [15]
China JQ320375 China Bat 9819 [54]
Spain JX045858 Spain Apis mellifera 9327 [55]
USA KJ817182 USA A. pisum 9940 [39]
E. Timor KX830963 East Timor Aphid? 9789 [56]