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Fig. 1

From: Viral metagenomics of aphids present in bean and maize plots on mixed-use farms in Kenya reveals the presence of three dicistroviruses including a novel Big Sioux River virus-like dicistrovirus

Fig. 1

Sampling sites in Kenya. Crosses indicate sampling sites in the Central, Eastern and Rift Valley regions of Kenya where farmers’ fields were sampled for aphids (blue) and maize leaf (red). Black lines demarcate county boundaries. Three farms per site were sampled for aphids in Ndeiya, Kiambu county (humid, highland), Oloirien, Kajiado county (semi-arid, highland), Katumani, Machakos county (semi-arid, lowland) and Kaiti, Makieni county (Humid, lowland). For the maize samples, 14 farm sites in four counties were sampled for maize leaf samples. These were in Baringo (semi-arid, highland), Machakos (semi-arid, lowland), Kitui (semi-arid, lowland) and Nakuru (humid, highland). The details of the sampling sites and GPS coordinates are provided in Additional File 1: Table S1

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