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Table 1 List of PCV2 sequences including farm ID, year of collection, administrative region, and genotype

From: Genetic analysis of porcine circovirus type 2 from pigs affected with PMWS in Chile reveals intergenotypic recombination

Farm Year Region Genotype Sequence ID Accession No
H 2005 VI PCV2a H/2005 KU992879
N 2005 VIII PCV2b N/2005 KU992890
B 2005 VIII PCV2rec B1/2005 KU992870
B 2005 VIII PCV2rec B2/2005 KU992871
K 2006 RM PCV2b K/2006 KU992885
N 2006 VIII PCV2b N/2006 KU992891
C 2006 VI PCV2rec C/2006 KU992875
J 2007 RM PCV2a J/2007 KU992874
A 2007 RM PCV2b A1/2007 KU992866
A 2007 RM PCV2b A2/2007 KU992867
A 2007 RM PCV2b A3/2007 KU992868
A 2007 RM PCV2b A4/2007 KU992869
B 2007 VIII PCV2b B/2007 KU992872
D 2007 VIII PCV2b D/2007 KU992876
E 2007 IX PCV2b E/2007 KU992877
G 2007 VI PCV2b G/2007 KU992892
I 2007 VII PCV2b I/2007 KU992884
P 2007 VIII PCV2b P/2007 KU992886
R 2007 VIII PCV2b R/2007 KU992894
H 2007 VI PCV2rec H1/2007 KU992880
H 2007 VI PCV2rec H2/2007 KU992887
H 2007 VI PCV2rec H3/2007 KU992881
L 2007 RM PCV2rec L/2007 KU992888
M 2007 VI PCV2rec M/2007 KU992889
F 2008 VII PCV2b F1/2008 KU992878
B 2008 VIII PCV2rec F2/2008 KU992873
O 2008 RM PCV2rec O/2008 KU992893
Q 2013 RM PCV2a Q1/2013 KU992882
Q 2013 RM PCV2a Q2/2013 KU992883