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Table 3 H13N8 Virus titration on different types of cells

From: Characteristics of influenza H13N8 subtype virus firstly isolated from Qinghai Lake Region, China

Culture condition Virus titration
A/Environment/Qinghai Lake/013/2012 (H13N8) A/Environment/Qinghai Lake/166/2012 (H13N8)
Embryonated eggs 108EID50/200 μl 107.33EID50/200 μl
MDCK 103.25TCID50/100 μl 103.25TCID50/100 μl
A549 102.75TCID50/100 μl 102.75TCID50/100 μl
PK15 105TCID50/100 μl 104.5TCID50/100 μl