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Table 1 Nucleotide identity of two H13N8 viruses with the most closely related strains in GenBank Database

From: Characteristics of influenza H13N8 subtype virus firstly isolated from Qinghai Lake Region, China

Gene segment Strains in GenBank with high similarity Nucleotide identity (%) Accession number
HA A/mallard/Korea/SH38–45/2010 (H13N8) 97.7 JX030406.1
NA A/black-headed gull/Republic of Georgia/1/2011(H13N8) 98.7 CY185515.1
M A/black-headed gull/Netherlands/8/2010 (H13N2) 99 KX977972.1
NS A/yellow-legged gull/Republic of Georgia/1/2010(N2) 99.5 CY185313.1
NP A/black-headed gull/Netherlands/10/2013 (H13N8) 98.7 KX978516.1
PA A/yellow-legged gull/Republic of Georgia/1/2013(H13N8) 98.8 CY185630.1
PB1 A/wild bird/Wuhan/CDHN09/2015 (H6N2) 99 KU143516.1
PB2 A/yellow-legged gull/Republic of Georgia/1/2013(H13N8) 98.6 CY185632.1