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Fig. 4

From: Effective usage of cationic derivatives of polyprenols as carriers of DNA vaccines against influenza virus

Fig. 4

End-point titers of anti-H5 HA antibody in sera collected on the 28th day post immunization. The titer of anti-H5 antibodies was determined as the inverse value of the highest serum dilution at which a result higher than the estimated value: background + 3SD (three times the value of the standard deviation) was obtained. If there was no need for dilutions higher than the standard 200-fold dilution (readout < 1 for the 200-fold dilution), the levels were determined by multiplying the OD value read out in the ELISA test by 200, namely by the inverse value of the serum dilution used in the ELISA test. Geometric means for each group are indicated at the top of the graph. (*) The K3-62.5/PTAI (0.8) group showed a significantly higher anti-HA titer than K3-62.5/L (p < 0.05)

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