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Fig. 2

From: Effective usage of cationic derivatives of polyprenols as carriers of DNA vaccines against influenza virus

Fig. 2

Humoral response of broilers to vaccination. Birds were immunized with a mixture of K3 DNA (125 μg) with the PTAI composition as indicated (PTAI-6-8/DOPE, PTAI-11/DOPE/DC, PTAI-11/DOPE/DC/DOPC, PTAI-15/DOPE/DC/DOPC) or with Lipofectin (L); pCI – group vaccinated with empty pCI vector with PTAI or Lipofectin. a ELISA results for individual chickens; raw data (), median (—) and the 10th and 90th percentiles (□) are shown for each group; blood collected at indicated day post initial immunization, sera diluted 200-fold. (*) group showed significantly higher ELISA values than K3-PTAI-11/DOPE/DC/DOPC. (**) group showed significantly higher ELISA values than K3-PTAI-11/DOPE/DC/DOPC and K3-PTAI-15/DOPE/DC/DOPC (p < 0.05). b HI titers in sera of individual chickens on day 28 post immunization. Geometric means for each group are indicated at the top of the graph. (***) The K3-PTAI-11/DOPE/DC group showed a significantly higher HI titer than all other groups (p < 0.05)

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