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Table 3 Analytical performance characteristics of real time RT-PCR (RT-qPCR) assays for sequencing-independent pathotyping of Eurasian reference H7 viruses

From: Real-time reverse transcription PCR-based sequencing-independent pathotyping of Eurasian avian influenza A viruses of subtype H7

Reference virus Accession number of HA Sub- and pathotype RT-qPCR method
LPAI H7 HPAI H7 ‘Emsland’ HPAI H7 ‘Italy’
A/mute swan/Germany/R901/2006 EPI359695 LP H7N7 Pos Neg Neg
A/Anhui/1/2013 AHZ60096 LP H7N9 Pos Neg Neg
A/chicken/Germany/AR1385/2015 SA HP H7N7 Neg Pos Neg
A/broiler/Italy/445/1999 AJ580353 HP H7N1 Neg Neg Pos
A/turkey/Germany/R2025/2008 SA LP H5N3 Neg Neg Neg
A/turkey/Germany/AR2485–86/2014 EPI552746 HP H5N8 Neg Neg Neg
A/chicken/Egypt/AR753–14/2013 EPI557457 HP H9N2 Neg Neg Neg
A/chicken/Sudan/AR251–15/2014 KX272465 IBV Neg Neg Neg
A/chicken/Egypt/AR254–15/2014 SA NDV Neg Neg Neg
  1. LP low pathogenic, HP high pathogenic, Neg negative, Pos positive, SA sequence available from the authors, also represented in the alignment in Additional file 1: Figure S1, IBV Infectious bronchitis virus, NDV Newcastle disease virus