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Fig. 2

From: Real-time reverse transcription PCR-based sequencing-independent pathotyping of Eurasian avian influenza A viruses of subtype H7

Fig. 2

Alignment of probes within the hemagglutinin gene segment site encoding the cleavage site of low pathogenic (LP, upper panel) and highly pathogenic (HP, lower two panels) Eurasian avian influenza viruses of subtype H7. Upper panel shows perfect binding of an LNA probe (LNA positions in blue color) and of a conventional Taqman probe specific for LP H7 viruses. Central panel shows the same conventional Taqman probe binding to (and cross reacting with) a Eurasian HP H7 sequence. Lower panel shows hybridization of the LNA probe to an HP H7 ‘Emsland’ sequence; two hybridization positions are possible: The locked ‘G’ mismatch placed in the centre of the probe (red box) disabled binding and cross reaction at each of the two hybridization sites

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