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Table 1 Demographic and HCV virological status of Iranian HCV infected IDUs with or without HIV infection

From: Comparison of HCV viral load and its genotype distributions in HCV mono- and HIV/HCV co-infected illicit drug users

Characteristics HCV seropositive IDUs HIV/HCV seropositive IDUs
Total number (male/female) 580 (570/10) 104 (93/11)
Mean age 37.8 (SD ± 7.15) 38.3 (SD ± 10.66)
HIV seropositivity rate 6.7% 100%
HCV genome detection rate 79% (428/541)a 75% (78/104)
Median viral load among detectable HCV genomeb 338,880 3549,908c
  1. aHCV RNA detection was performed after excluded HCV/HIV co-infected patients
  2. bMedian viral load evaluated among HCV RNA detected sera samples
  3. cThe viral load unit in our study was copy/ml of serum sample