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Table 2 The specificity of CaPV real-time RPA assay and CaPV RPA LFD assay

From: Development of real-time and lateral flow dipstick recombinase polymerase amplification assays for rapid detection of goatpox virus and sheeppox virus

Virus family Virus specie Virus strain Real-time RPA RPA LFD Real-time qPCR
Poxviridae Capripox GTPV AV40 4.6 min pos 19(CT)
GTPV AV41 4.6 min pos 20(CT)
GTPV GS-V1 5 min pos 20(CT)
Capripox SPPV Gulang2009 5.3 min pos 21(CT)
SPPV Jingtai2011 5 min pos 21(CT)
SPPV Hubei 5.3 min pos 22(CT)
Poxviridae ORFV ORFV/Vaccine/CHA neg neg neg
ORFV ORFV/HB/CHA neg neg neg
Paramyxovirinae PPRV Nigeria 75/1 neg neg neg
Picornaviridae FMDV FMDV/O/CHA neg neg neg
  FMDV FMDV/A/CHA neg neg neg
  1. pos positive, neg negative, GTPV goat pox virus, SPPV Sheep pox virus, ORFV Orf virus, PPRV peste des petits ruminants virus, FMDV foot-and-mouth disease virus