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Table 4 Point mutations that give rise to amino acid changes between the three main Danish clusters

From: Outbreak tracking of Aleutian mink disease virus (AMDV) using partial NS1 gene sequencing

Position in the partial NS1 sequence: Saeby cluster
Nucleotides: Amino acid:
Holstebro cluster
Nucleotides: Amino acid:
Zealand cluster
Nucleotides: Amino acid:
32–34 CAA: Q CAC: H CAA: Q
50–52 TTT: F TTG/TTA: L TTG: L
53–55 ATA: I CTT: L ATT: I
59–61 AGA: R AGA: R AAA: K
62–64 CTA: L ATA: I ATA: I
80–82 GTT: V TGT: C GCT: A
104–106 GAC: D AAC/GAC: N/D GAC: D
107–109 ATA: I CAA: Q CAA: Q
131–133 GAT: D GCT/GAT: A/D GCT: A
140–142 AAG: K GAT/AAT/AGT: D/N/S GAT: D
230–232 AAC: N ACC: T AAC: N
248–250 ATT: I CTA/ATA/ATG: L/I/M ATG: M
278–280 AAT: N CAT: H CAT: H
287–289 GGT: G AGT: S AAT: N
302–304 TTT: F TAT: Y TAT: Y
323–325 ATT: I TTA: L GGT: V
326–328 ATT: I ATT: I GTT: V
  1. The three major strains of Denmark are included: the Saeby strain, the Holstebro strain and the Zealand strain. Mutations unique to each single strain are marked with bold data
  2. Nucleotides: A: adenine, G: guanine, C: cytosine and T: thymine
  3. Aminoacids: A: Alanine, C: cysteine, D aspartic acid, F: phenylalanine, G: glycine, H: histidine, I: isoleucine, K: lysine, L: leucine, M: methionine, N: asparagine, P: proline, Q: glutamine, R: arginine, S: serine, T: threonine, V: valine and Y: tyrosine