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Fig. 2

From: 6-methylmercaptopurine riboside, a thiopurine nucleoside with antiviral activity against canine distemper virus in vitro

Fig. 2

Antiviral activity assay of 6MMPr and RIB. CDV production was measured in the presence of several two-fold dilutions of the tested compounds. Real-time qRT-PCR and TCID50 infectivity titration of 6MMPr (a, b) and RIB (c, d). Right vertical axis presents the percentage of virus inhibition highlighted on the markers (♦). Error bars represent standard deviations. Values are the mean ± standard error obtained from three independent experiments. Values followed by the same lowercase letter do not differ by Tukey’s test (p < 0.01). BLD, below limit of detection for TCID50 method (20 TCID50/mL). e VerodogSLAM cells were mock-infected or CDV-infected (MOI 0.1) and treated with 6MMPr at different concentrations (100× total magnification)

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