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Fig. 1

From: Arsenic trioxide inhibits EBV reactivation and promotes cell death in EBV-positive lymphoma cells

Fig. 1

ATO inhibited EBV reactivation at low concentrations in EBV-positive lymphoma cells. a ATO inhibited EBV spontaneous reactivation in Mutu cells. Western blotting detected EBV spontaneous reactivation within 6 h after re-suspending cells, but not in cells cultured in the presence of 1 nM of ATO. b ATO inhibited EBV lytic gene expression in a dose-dependent manner. EBV latency type I cells (from left to right: Mutu, Rael and PBMC) were treated with various concentrations of ATO (0.5 nM – 2 nM) for 3 days and harvested for western blotting. c Co-treatment with ATO and GCV (AG) inhibits EBV lytic gene expression. Western blotting assessment of EBV lytic gene expression in Rael (left) and SAV5 (right) after treatment with 1 nM ATO and/or 45 μM GCV for 3 days. AG indicates treatment with ATO plus GCV. d ATO inhibited EBV gene expression at both the RNA and protein levels. Mutu cells were treated with ATO at the indicated concentration for 3 days or with 0.5 nM ATO with/without 45 μM GCV and harvested for western blotting and real-time RT-PCR. * p < 0.05 vs no treatment (NT)

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