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Table 2 The phosphorylated proteins of BmNPV

From: Quantitative phosphoproteome on the silkworm (Bombyx mori) cells infected with baculovirus

Protein accession 24/N Ratio Regulated 24/N P value Amino acid Protein names Modified sequence
Viruse_ACQ57207.1 2.503 Up 2.02E-01 S DBP _KIGDSSS(ph)DDNQPK_
Viruse_ACQ57210.1 5.180 Up 1.37E-02 S LEF-6 _RS(ph)LDS(ph)PR_
Viruse_ACQ57210.1 5.807 Up 4.73E-03 S LEF-6 _RS(ph)LDS(ph)PR_
Viruse_ACQ57210.1 5.923 Up 6.13E-04 S LEF-6 _LDGYVLASS(ph)PIPHTDWNEELK_
Viruse_ACQ57210.1 4.007 Up 2.99E-03 S LEF-6 _LYAQSHGYDDDDDDLEDGEIDERDS(ph)LK_
Viruse_ACQ57210.1 4.040 Up 8.16E-04 S LEF-6 _S(ph)LNNHLNDLNVLEK_
Viruse_ACQ57218.1 3.967 Up 3.92E-03 S 39K protein _STS(ph)SSSSDNAAIPASK_
Viruse_ACQ57218.1 16.683 Up 7.26E-03 S 39K protein _S(ph)TSSS(ph)SSDNAAIPASK_
Viruse_ACQ57218.1 2.287 Up 1.89E-02 S 39K protein _STSSSS(ph)SDNAAIPASK_
Viruse_ACQ57218.1 1.407 Up 6.40E-03 S 39K protein _NTTAAPTLLM(ox)VSDNTQDTNM(ox)S(ph)E_
Viruse_ACQ57239.1 3.773 Up 6.00E-03 S Ac58-like protein _AAYEIVRDDIDES(ph)DDNADNSTK_
Viruse_ACQ57239.1 1.693 Up 4.23E-02 T Ac58-like protein _QHTNTPPHYDT(ph)SEDEDEDNYYNY_
Viruse_ACQ57239.1 2.013 Up 2.60E-02 S Ac58-like protein _QHTNTPPHYDT(ph)SEDEDEDNY(ph)YNY_
Viruse_ACQ57239.1 2.013 Up 2.60E-02 Y Ac58-like protein _QHTNTPPHYDT(ph)SEDEDEDNY(ph)YNY_
Viruse_ACQ57247.1 3.827 Up 7.23E-03 S LEF-3 _FFS(ph)GESSGEPLIK_
Viruse_ACQ57247.1 5.420 Up 5.59E-03 S LEF-3 _MAMANS(ph)PKK_
Viruse_ACQ57261.1 3.033 Up 1.06E-02 S Ac82-like protein _VAS(ph)SPQLR_
Viruse_ACQ57261.1 3.690 Up 3.12E-03 T Ac82-like protein _TDAAVNT(ph)SSPKR_
Viruse_ACQ57261.1 4.527 Up 1.64E-02 S Ac82-like protein _TDAAVNTSS(ph)PK_
Viruse_ACQ57261.1 2.003 Up 4.04E-02 T Ac82-like protein _AVET(ph)ENDDDDDEDDAAS(ph)AIDEQK_
Viruse_ACQ57261.1 8.710 Up 1.62E-03 S Ac82-like protein _AVET(ph)ENDDDDDEDDAAS(ph)AIDEQK_
Viruse_ACQ57271.1 2.673 Up 2.81E-02 S ODV-E25 _S(ph)PNAASTSSNVTMTR_
Viruse_ACQ57277.1 2.733 Up 5.64E-02 S P6.9 _RS(ph)S(ph)TGATYGLTR_
Viruse_ACQ57277.1 2.073 Up 3.98E-02 S P6.9 _RSS(ph)TGATYGLTR_
Viruse_ACQ57281.1 1.815 Up 4.22E-01 S VP80 _LPINFLDTSATS(ph)PAVR_
Viruse_ACQ57313.1 3.340 Up 4.83E-03 S ME53 _VKS(ph)LPTPVANSPLSPVR_
Viruse_ACQ57328.1 2.570 Up 4.66E-03 S BRO-D _S(ph)ISFDSLEEAQQFENR_
Viruse_ACQ57328.1 3.443 Up 1.11E-03 S BRO-D _SIS(ph)FDS(ph)LEEAQQFENR_
Viruse_ACQ57328.1 2.900 Up 5.71E-03 S BRO-D _SIS(ph)FDS(ph)LEEAQQFENR_
  1. Corrected p-value <0.05, fold change >1.3