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Fig. 3

From: Molecular epidemiology of Avian Rotaviruses Group A and D shed by different bird species in Nigeria

Fig. 3

Maximum clade credibility trees of (a) VP4, (b) VP6 and (c) VP7 sequences of RVA. Bayesian analyses of alignments (424 bp for VP4, 1098 bp for VP6, 699 bp for VP7) comprising unique sequences of recognized VP4, VP6 and VP7 genotypes and sequences identified in this study. Tree topology was tested by posterior probability (pp) and only the well supported values are shown (pp > 0.7). The RVA strains are represented by the official RV nomenclature and the GenBank accession numbers are put in brackets. The study sequences are in red and reference sequences displayed in bold. Genotypes were assigned using the nucleotide cut-off values defined before (19)

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