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Table 1 Plasmids used for generation of the donor plasmids p-IBV and p-mIBV

From: A reverse genetics system for avian coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus based on targeted RNA recombination

Plasmid Genes Coordinates Length (nt) 3′-end RES Surrounding RES Inserted at 3′-end of
p-IBV-5 T7 n.a. 18 n.a. n.a. n.a.
  GG n.a. 2 n.a. n.a. n.a.
  IBV 5′-UTR 1–497 497 BstBI n.a. n.a.
p-IBV-1b IBV 3′-end 1b, S (ss) 19,610–20,379 770 XhoI BstBI p-IBV-5
p-IBV-S IBV S (ec) 20,379–23,590 3211 StyI XhoI p-IBV-5-1b
p-IBV-SIR IBV S (tm, en), 3a, 3b, E, M 23,591–25,318 1728 EcoRI StyI p-IBV-5-1b-S
p-IBV-3 T IBV 5a, 5b, N, 3′-UTR 25,319–27,630 2322 n.a. EcoRI p-IBV-5-1b-S-SIR
  PolyA tail 27,631–27,730 100 MssI, PacI n.a. n.a.
p-MHV-S MHV S (ec) n.a. 3757 StyI XhoI p-IBV-5-1b
  1. IBV gene fragments were generated in pUC57-simple, the MHV spike ectodomain derived from pTUG was ligated into pJet1.2. Plasmid names and spike protein domain abbreviations refer to Fig. 1. (ss) = signal sequence; (ec) = ectodomain; (tm) = transmembrane domain; (en) = endodomain; n.a. = not applicable. RES = restriction enzyme site