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Fig. 3

From: Zika vector transmission risk in temperate Australia: a vector competence study

Fig. 3

Viral RNA determination in mosquito organs. Real-time RT-PCR was performed on RNA collected from mosquito midgut (b) or carcass (c) using ZIKV NS5 primers. Horizontal bars as mean with 95% Confidence Interval. For comparison, a dilution curve for TCID50 is given in (a), where real-time RT-PCR was performed on RNA collected from 10-fold dilutions of Zika virus of known titre. The average Ct value of 3 samples of freshly blood-fed Ae. camptorhynchus whole bodies, including the midgut is 30.03; it is equivalent to the viral nucleic acid loading input before any replication, approximatively 10^3.5 of TCID50. Significant p values are denoted on the graph

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