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Fig. 6

From: Iron availability affects West Nile virus infection in its mosquito vector

Fig. 6

DFX treatment reduces viral titers in Culex mosquitoes

Female Culex annulirostris mosquitoes were blood-fed with WNV for 1 h, with or without deferoxamine (10 uM). Mosquito were dissected at 2 and 8 days pi to collect midgut and carcass and were processed for RNA extraction. Real time RT-PCR was performed using ferritin (heavy chain) and WNV NS1 primers on day 2 midgut (a). Real time RT-PCR was also performed using ferritin primers on day 2 carcass (b), day 8 midgut (c) and day 8 carcass (d). Real time RT-PCR was also performed using WNV NS1 primers on day 8 carcass (d). RpL32 primers were used as an internal control. Error bars represent standard errors from means of two separate experiments with assays performed in triplicate (Student’s t-test *p < 0.05, comparing with infected control mosquitoes). e Viral titer estimation conducted by plaque assay in mosquito saliva mixed with cell culture medium. Viral titers from individual saliva samples were plotted on the graph (Student’s t-test *p < 0.05, comparing between with infected control mosquitoes). Control N=8; DFX N=10

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