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Table 1 Diagnostic classification of the study participants according to their DENV serological and PCR results

From: The prevalence of dengue virus serotypes in asymptomatic blood donors reveals the emergence of serotype 4 in Saudi Arabia

Group Laboratory diagnostic criteria
Negative group Negative by all serological and PCR tests
Viremic 1ry infection group Positive PCR ± IgM positive antibodies
Convalescent-phase 1ry infection group Either exclusively positive for IgM or dual positive IgM and IgG antibodies with an IgM/IgG ratio ≥ 1.2
Viremic 2ry infection group Simultaneously positive PCR with positive IgG ± IgM antibodies
Convalescent-phase 2ry infection Negative PCR and dual positive IgM and IgG antibodies with an IgM/IgG ratio < 1.2
Previous exposure group Exclusively positive for IgG antibodies