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Table 5 Comparative sequence identities (%) of the rotavirus group C study strains with that of human, bovine and porcine strains from other studies

From: First study conducted in Northern India that identifies group C rotavirus as the etiological agent of severe diarrhea in children in Delhi

  Human Strains Bovine Porcine
Gene Nucleotide Amino acid Nucleotide Amino acid Nucleotide Amino acid
VP4 96.10–100 89.90–100 63.20–65.20 66.80–69.60 66.80–69.20 60.30–69.70
VP6 90.60–100 90.40–100 77.0–85.80 61.40–68.60 77.0–84.80 60.20–67.10
VP7 94.10–100 91.50–100 77.8–79.4 70.0–79.1 83.80–85.50 70.70–78.20
  1. The human strains include Bristol, BCN9, BS347, OH567, Wu82, V508 and V460, ND-061, ND-204, ND-398, ND-237, ND-056, ND-240