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Table 4 Prediction of nsp1 to nsp16 and the cleavage sites of polyproteins 1a and 1b of the AcCoV-JC34

From: Detection of alpha- and betacoronaviruses in rodents from Yunnan, China

nsp First-last amino acid residues Protein size (aa) Cleavage site Putative functional domain(s)
nsp1 M1-G218 218 SCPCG|KSAFT Unknown
nsp2 K219-G820 602 WVCKCG|AEVQLS Unknown
nsp3 A821-A2277 1457 TRVGTA|DLAVFN ADRP, PL1pro, PL2pro
nsp4 D2278-Q2779 502 LNAQ|SCAK Hydrophobic domain
nsp5 S2780-Q3042 263 AKVQ|IEGA 3CLpro
nsp6 I3043-Q3319 277 SGMQ|CSWA Hydrophobic domain
nsp7 C3320-Q3437 118 STIQ|SKLT Unknown
nsp8 S3438-Q3715 278 VKLQ|NNEI Unknown
nsp9 N3716-Q3820 105 VRLQ|AGKP Unknown
nsp10 A3821-Q3955 135 STVQ|SNII Unknown
nsp11 S3956-N3974 19 - Short peptide at the end of ORF1a
nsp12 L3956-Q4881 926 SVLQ|SAGL RdRp
nsp13 S4882-Q5478 597 TDLQ|SVLS Hel
nsp14 S5479-Q5998 520 PILQ|GLEN ExoN
nsp15 G5999-Q6334 346 PQLQ|NSEW NendoU
nsp16 N6345-K6646 302 - O-MT
  1. Superscript numbers indicate positions in polyprotein pp1ab, with the supposition of a ribosomal frame shift resulting in a peptide bond between N3974/L3975 for the expression of ORF1ab