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Fig. 1

From: The role of nuclear localization signal in parvovirus life cycle

Fig. 1

A schematic picture of parvovirus NLSs. a The BR1, BR2, and BR4 are potential NLSs that need further identification. BR3 was identified as an NLS. b i: BR1 was identified as a cNLS in the VP1u of CPV. ii: BR1 and BR2 were identified as a cNLS and a weak NLS respectively in the VP1u of MVM, and one ncNLS was identified in the C-terminus of MVM. iii: BR1 is a classical monopartite NLS, BR4-5 is classical bipartite NLS, and BR2 and BR3 are weak NLSs in the VP1u of PPV. c Human parvovirus B19 contains one ncNLS in the C-terminus. d i: HBoV has a classical bipartite NLS and one ncNLS in the N-terminus of NP1. ii: PBoV has two classical NLSs and one ncNLS in the N-terminus of NP1

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