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Fig. 6

From: Proof-of-concept study: profile of circulating microRNAs in Bovine serum harvested during acute and persistent FMDV infection

Fig. 6

Schematic overview of the general function of the miRNAs found to be differentially expressed in cattle serum in response to FMDV infection. a The miRNAs identified in the study that are unique to acute infection (orange circle), persistent infection (blue circle), and convalescent animals (green circle) are shown, as well as those shared between acutely and persistently infected cattle. Red and green arrows indicate if targets were up- or downregulated. b. The functionality of the miRNAs detected could be separated into three general categories: cellular proliferation (orange circle), immune response (blue circle), and lipid metabolism/adipogenesis (green circle). A Venn diagram was constructed showing which miRNAs exhibited functionality exclusive to one category and which miRNAs overlapped into more than one of the aforementioned categories

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