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Fig. 4

From: Proof-of-concept study: profile of circulating microRNAs in Bovine serum harvested during acute and persistent FMDV infection

Fig. 4

Cluster analysis of miRNAs differentially expressed in response to FMDV infection. Two different databases were employed to assess whether the differentially expressed miRNAs detected in this study were clustered or non-clustered: miRbase (current version) and MetaMirClust. The miRNAs found to be non-clustered were listed to the right. The miRNAs determined to be clustered were shown in circles with clustered miRNA species indicated around the circle. With the exception of bta-miR-369-3p with a cutoff of <3000 bp, the distance cutoff between miRNA sequences for the cluster analysis was set at <10,000 bp

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