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Fig. 1

From: Proof-of-concept study: profile of circulating microRNAs in Bovine serum harvested during acute and persistent FMDV infection

Fig. 1

Schematic overview of miRNA profiling study. a Serum was collected from three different groups of FMDV-infected cattle: acutely infected (viremic; 3–4 dpi), persistently infected (“FMDV carriers”; 35 dpi) and convalescent (“non-carriers”; 35 dpi), and were compared to uninfected controls. Each group comprised serum samples from three animals. b miRNAs were purified from individual serum samples. The purified miRNAs were reverse transcribed into complementary DNA (cDNA). The cDNA samples were then analyzed by RT-PCR on bovine miRNome miRNA array plates containing primers to 169 different bovine miRNAs. The results obtained indicated which miRNAs were left unchanged, up-regulated, or down-regulated in response to FMDV infection. c schematic of the organization of the miRNA PCR array plates utilized in this study

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