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Table 1 Statistics of next-generation sequencing of 30 avian paramyxovirus isolates in a single run

From: A robust and cost-effective approach to sequence and analyze complete genomes of small RNA viruses

Data Results
Cluster density (K/mm2)a 917 +/- 19
Clusters passing filterb 92.34%
Total number of reads 17762176
Pass-filter readsc 16403251
Percentage of reads passing filter 96.31%
≥ Q30d 77.9%
Lowest representation for any indexe 0.0007%
Highest representation for any indexe 7.16%
  1. a shows number of clusters per square millimeter (optimal cluster density is 1000–1200, can vary with chemistry)
  2. b indicates the purity of the signals detected from the clusters (i.e. signals passing chastity filter that is the ratio of the brightest base intensity divided by the sum of the brightest and second brightest base intensities and the filtration process removes the least reliable clusters from the image analysis results)
  3. c reads passing filter (about 15 million reads are expected from an optimally clustered flow cell)
  4. d percentage of bases with Phred quality score equal or greater to 30
  5. e percentage of pass-filter reads assigned to any index