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Table 4 Time of emergence of vaccine JXA1-R-like strains in China

From: Emergence of mosaic recombinant strains potentially associated with vaccine JXA1-R and predominant circulating strains of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus in different provinces of China

Isolation year No. Isolation Isolate Reference
2010 2 GX1002, GX1003 [45], GenBank
2011 6 GX1001, NVDC-HeB1-2011, 11NZ-GD, 11SH1-GD, 11SH-GD, 11XX-GD [27, 46], GenBank
2012 10 NT1, NT2, NT3, JL-04/12, NVDC-BJ3-2012, NVDC-BJ4-2012, NVDC-BJ5-2012, NVDC-BJ6-2012, NVDC-BJ9-2012, NVDC-SD2-2012 [23, 47], GenBank
2013 7 NVDC-SDXX-2013, NVDC-HBCZ-2013, NVDC-SXJC-2013, HNyc13, HEB-2013, HEB 20130008-14, NVDC-BJPG-2013 GenBank
2014 8 HNxa14, HUN-2014, HB2014001, HENZK-1, NVDC-shh01-2014, NVDC-SHH02-2014, NVDC-HuNCS-2014, NVDC-13SXJC-2014 GenBank
2015 11 HENPDS-2, 15ZJ2, 15ZJ3, 15HUN3, 15LN2, 15JX2, 15JX3, 15JX4, 15HEN3, 15SC1, 15SC2 GenBank, this study