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Fig. 4

From: Emergence of mosaic recombinant strains potentially associated with vaccine JXA1-R and predominant circulating strains of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus in different provinces of China

Fig. 4

SimPlots for all putative recombinants analyzed in this study. Comparisons of genetic similarity between recombinant and parental strains were made using SimPlot. The results are shown for strains 15GD2*, 15GD3* (a), 15HUN1*, 15HUN2* (b), 10FS1-GD (c), 15JX1* (d), 15HEN1* (e), 15SC3* (f), 15HEB1* (g), and 15LN3* (h). Strains isolated in this study are marked with asterisks (*). The vertical axis represents the nucleotide sequence similarity between the putative recombinant strains, vaccine JXA1-R (sublineage 10.7, red), 2009-2010 HP-PRRSV-like strains (sublineage 10.6, deep sky blue), strain NADC30 (lineage 9, green), and strain VR-2332 (lineage 2, grey). The specific parental 2009-2010 HP-PRRSV strains of the recombinant strains are shown in TableĀ 3. The horizontal axis shows the relative nucleotide position in reference to the full-length genome of VR-2332. Recombination breakpoints are shown as black dotted lines with the location indicated at the bottom

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