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Table 1 The samples background information of CSFV RNA ViewRNA ISH

From: A novel ViewRNA in situ hybridization method for the detection of the dynamic distribution of Classical Swine Fever Virus RNA in PK15 cells

Isolates and vaccines Genotype TCID50 Infected cell Source
SM 1.1 10−3.67/200 μL PK15 NCSFRL
C−Strain 1.1 10−3.5/200 μL ST NCSFRL
SXDT2011 2.1 10−3.3/200 μL PK15 NCSFRL
HeBHH1/95 2.2 10−4.5/200 μL PK15 NCSFRL
HeNBY1/96 2.3   PK15 NCSFRL
PPV09/79    ST CVCC
PCV-2    PK15 ZJU
  1. SM shimen strain, F1114, C-Strain hog cholera lapinizedvaccine, PPV porcine parvovirus strain, BVDV OregonC24V strain, NADL strain, PRV porcine pseudorabies virus, AV1211, PCV-2 Porcinecirco virus II, PK15 Pig Kidney Passage Cell Lines, ST Swine Testicular Passage Cell Lines, MBDK Bovine Kidney Cell; NCSFRL National Classical Swine Fever Reference Lab, CVCC China Veterinary Culture Collection Center; ZJU Zhejiang University