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Table 2 G/C content of INKV genes in the respective segments

From: Mosquito-borne Inkoo virus in northern Sweden - isolation and whole genome sequencing

Virus S-segment (%)
N/NSs genes
M-segment (%)
Polyprotein gene
L (%)
Polymerase gene
Inkoo Lövånger (mosquito)a 43.9/45.5 35.6 33.8
Inkoo virus SW AR 83–161b 43.8/45.2 35.5 ND
Inkoo Lövånger (larvae)c 43.2/45.2 35.6 ND
Inkoo KN3641d 42.5/44.8 35.6 33.6
  1. ND - No sequence; aINKV isolated from adult mosquitoes in Lövånger area; bINKV isolated in Sweden in 1983; cINKV isolated from mosquito larvae in Lövånger area; dINKV isolated from Finland which is the Finnish prototype strain