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Table 1 The host range of Staphylococcus phage JD007

From: Characterization and complete genome of the virulent Myoviridae phage JD007 active against a variety of Staphylococcus aureus isolates from different hospitals in Shanghai, China

Sample No. ST SCCmec spa Phage JD007
S130069 ST1   t127 ++++
S130089 ST1281   t164 ++++
S130192 ST1301   t12145 ++++
S130099 ST15   t084 +++
S130102 ST1281   t377 +
S130066 ST188   t189 ++++
S130188 ST20   t164 ++++
S130077 ST217   t309 ++++
S130174 ST2315   t11687 ++++
S130060 ST239 III t030 ++++
S130078 ST239 III t037 +++
S130164 ST239 III t298 ++
S130103 ST239 III t459 ++++
S130091 ST239   t030 ++
S130084 ST25   t078 ++++
S130072 ST398   t034 ++++
S130061 ST398   t1255 ++++
S130098 ST398   t571 ++++
S130086 ST5 II t002 ++++
S130095 ST5 II t010 +++
S130076 ST5   t002 ++++
S130173 ST5   t570 ++++
S130065 ST5   t954 ++++
S130193 ST59 IV t163 +++
S130096 ST59 IV t172 ++++
S130158 ST59 IV t437 +++
S130064 ST59 IV t441 ++++
S130177 ST59 IV t163 +
S130166 ST59   t437 ++++
S130100 ST6   t701 ++++
S130183 ST630 V t5554 +++
S130178 ST630   t12148 ++
S130162 ST630   t377 +++
S130087 ST7 NT t12146 ++++
S130059 ST7   t091 ++++
S130105 ST7   t6248 ++++
S130063 ST7   t796 ++++
S130088 ST88 IV t2310 ++++
S130070 ST88 NT t12147 +++
S130071 ST88   t2310 +++
S130181 ST965   t062 +++
  1. (The “+” represent the activity of phage JD007 to its correspondence hosts, the more “+” the more clear inhibition zones were formed by the phage JD007)