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Table 2 Antigenic characterisation of A/turkey/Egypt/AR1507/2016(H5N1) (TK16) isolated from vaccinated turkeys in this study

From: Isolation and genetic characterization of a novel H5N1 virus from a vaccinated meat-turkeys flock in Egypt

Serum samples against: Clade HI titer (log2) against HA identity*
TK16 Homologous antigen
A/chicken/Egypt/AR234-FAOF8NLQP/2014 (H5N1) 7 9 99.4/100
A/chicken/Egypt/0879-NLQP/2008 (H5N1) 5 10 94.7/94.2
A/teal/Germany/WV632/2005 (H5N1) 2.2 6 9 88.7/90.6
A/turkey/Germany-MV/R2472/2014 (H5N8) 2 7 88.7/90.6
A/Vietnam/1194/2004 (H5N1) 1 6 8 93.2/95.1
  1. HA identity ratio was calculated for nucleotides and deduced amino acids after alignment of the gene sequence and deduced amino acids using Bio Edit by the equation
  2. 100 - (Length of gene segment - Number of mutations/Length of gene segment)