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Table 1 Vaccination program of the flock

From: Isolation and genetic characterization of a novel H5N1 virus from a vaccinated meat-turkeys flock in Egypt

Vaccine Type Age of vaccination (Day) Route of Vaccination
NDV (Hitchner B1) + IB Live 6 Ocular
NDV + AI (H5N2; Mexico/94) Inactivated 8 Subcutaneous
Avian Metapneumovirus (TRT) Live 15 Ocular
NDV (Clone 30) Live 20 Ocular
HE Live 26 Drinking Water
AI (H5N1; Re-5) Inactivated 34 Subcutaneous
Poxvirus Live 40 Wing Web
P. multocida Inactivated 41 Subcutaneous
NDV (Clone 30) Live 50 Drinking Water
NDV (Lasota) Live 73 Drinking Water
  1. ND = Newcastle Disease, IB=, Infectious Bronchitis, AI = Avian Influenza, TRT = Turkey rhinotracheitis, HE = Hemorrhagic Enteritis
  2. H5N2 vaccine is seeded by A/chicken/Mexico/232/CPA/94(H5N2)
  3. Re-5 vaccine strain carry the HA and NA genes of A/duck/Anhui/1/2006(H5N1)