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Table 5 Amino acid variations in the VP2 region of the of Chilean IPNV isolates, the positions showed were proposed as linked to virulence [13, 14]. ND: not determined

From: Molecular characterization of infectious pancreatic necrosis virus strains isolated from the three types of salmonids farmed in Chile

Amino acid position Amino acid position
Isolate 217 221 247 500 Isolate 217 221 247 500
Genogroup 5 Genogroup 5
1096-BC2 T A T Y 1096-V2 T A T ND
1096-BC4 T A T Y 1096-V3 T A T ND
1096-BC5 S S T ND 1096-V4 T A T Y
1096-BC6 T A T Y 1096-V5 P S A ND
1096-BC7 T A T ND 1096-V6 T A T ND
1096-BC10 T A T Y 1096-V8 T A T Y
1096-BC11 T A T ND 1096-V10 T T T ND
1096-BC12 T A T Y      
1096-BC13 T A T ND Genogroup 1
1096-BC14 T T T ND 1096-V1 T A T ND
1096-BC16 T A T H 1096-V7 A T A ND
1096-BC17 T A T ND 1096-V9 A T A ND
1096-BC18 T T T ND 1096-BC1 A T A R
1096-BC20 T T T ND 1096-BC3 A T A ND
1096-BC21 T T T ND 1096-BC8 A T A ND
1096-BC22 T T T ND 1096-BC9 A T A ND
1096-BC23 T T T ND 1096-BC15 A T A ND
1096-BC24 T T T ND 1096-BC26 A T A ND
1096-BC25 T S T ND 1096-BC27 A T A ND