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Fig. 1

From: Establishment of national reference for bunyavirus nucleic acid detection kits for diagnosis of SFTS virus

Fig. 1

The phylogenetic tree of SFTSV based on S segment. The GenBank number of each virus was listed as follow, SD24 (HM802205.1), SD4 (HM802204.1), JS4 (HQ141606.1), AH12 (HQ141591), LN2 (HQ141609.1), HN6 (HQ141597.1), JS2012-tick01 (KC473542.1), LN3 (HQ141612.1), JS3 (HQ141603), HL (KF791952.1), HN13 (HQ141600.1), AH15 (HQ141594.1), HB29 (HM745932), Z37 (AF187082.1), L99 (AF288299.1), Z10 (EF533944.1), HTV (U37768.1). Red dots indicate the strains selected for references

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