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Table 2 Experimental and control groups

From: Interaction between HCMV pUL83 and human AIM2 disrupts the activation of the AIM2 inflammasome

Experimental pM-UL83/pVP-AIM2
Bait protein control pM-UL83/pVP16
Prey protein control pM/pVP-AIM2
Strong positive control pM3-VP16
Weak positive control pM-53/pVP16-T
Negative control pM-53/pVP16-CP
Basal control pM/pVP16
Untransfected controla none
  1. : These controls aim at excluding the possibility of non-carrier self-activation, : This control provides the basal expression level of SEAP. a: This control reveals the background SEAP signal