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Fig. 3

From: The sense behind retroviral anti-sense transcription

Fig. 3

In silico examination of the conserved transcription factor binding sites and response elements within prototypic human-specific endogenous retrovirus-K (ERVK) 3′ LTRs using ALGGEN-PROMO software [73]. The ERVK 3′ LTR consensus sequence was constructed using individual ERVK LTRs in the following order (GenBank accession numbers in brackets): ERVK-9 (AF164615.1), ERVK-8 (AY0378929.1), ERVK-6 (AF164614.1), ERVK-10 (M12854.1), and ERVK-113 (AY037928.1). Conserved transcription factor binding sites are shown on the consensus sequence of the ERVK 3′ LTR. Unique transcription factor binding sites within the consensus ERVK 3′ LTR sequence are annotated in green. Initiator motifs (INRs) are indicated in pink. IRF and κB sites are indicated in dark and light purple, respectively. Hormone responsive elements are labeled in cyan. Abbreviations used include: ARE = androgen response element, E-box = enhancer box, ERE = estrogen response element, GRE = glucocorticoid response element, INR = initiator motif, ISRE = interferon-stimulated response element, PRE = progesterone response element, PU box = purine box, and TRE = thyroid hormone response element. Sequence alignment and annotations were performed using Geneious software [68]

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