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Fig. 2

From: The sense behind retroviral anti-sense transcription

Fig. 2

In silico examination of transcription factor binding sites and response elements within the representative HTLV-1 3′ LTR using ALGGEN-PROMO software [73]. The prototypic HTLV-1 3′ LTR sequence used was obtained from GenBank, accession number AB513134 (B1033-2009 isolate). The known binding sites for AP-1, ATF, C/EBP, CREB, GATA-2, NFI, and Sp1 in the HTLV-1 3′ LTR are flagged with an asterisk. Transcription factor binding sites unique to HTLV-1 are indicated in green. Initiator motifs (INRs) are indicated in pink. ISRE sites are indicated in blue. Abbreviations used include: INR = initiator motif, ISRE = interferon stimulated response element, and TRE = thyroid hormone response element, and TxRE = tax responsive element. Sequence annotations were performed using Geneious software [68]

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