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Table 1 Amino acid comparison among input DV2P04/08 and progeny viruses from mouse

From: Sequence diversity of dengue virus type 2 in brain and thymus of infected interferon receptor ko mice: implications for dengue virulence

Proteins Amino acid positiona P04/08 B3 Brain B6 brain B6 thymus 16681
E 456 T T Ib T/Ib T
643 S S Nb Nb S
774 Q/Eb Q Q Q Q
NS1 813 A A Sb Sb Sb
847 T T Ab T/Ab T
932 D D D D/Nb D
949 K K Rb K/Rb K
NS3 1595 T T Nb T/Nb Ab
1723 R R/Kb R R/Kb R
1730 E E E E/Kb E
NS5 2494 G G/Db G G/Db G
3125 H H H/Rb H/Rb H
3135 Q Q Q/Hb Q/Hb Q
3356 V V V/Ab V/Ab Ab
  1. aAmino acid position in polyprotein of DENV-2 16681 strain
  2. bMinor amino acid variations different from those of the parental DV2P04/08 polyprotein