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Table 2 FAdV strains and isolates used for sequence alignment and phylogenetic analysis

From: Molecular epidemiology of hydropericardium syndrome outbreak-associated serotype 4 fowl adenovirus isolates in central China

Species Strains and serotypes Accession no. Origin
FAdV-A FAdV-1 U46933.1 (complete genes) Germany
FAdV-1 CELO Z67970.1 (complete genes) Russia
FAdV-B FAdV-5 340 KC493646.1 (complete genes) --
FAdV-5 TR22 AF508953.1 (partial cds) --
FAdV-B 09-7473-2 FN869988.1 (partial cds) --
FAdV-C FAdV-4 KR5 HE608152.1 (complete genes) Austria 2012
FAdV-4 HB1510 KU587519.1 (complete genes) China 2015
FAdV-4 HN151025 KU245540.1 (complete genes) China 2015
FAdV-4 JSJ13 KM096544.1 (complete genes) China 2015
FAdV-4 Kr-Yeoju HQ709228.1 (complete genes) Korea 2011
FAdV-4 Kr-Gunwi HQ709227.1 (complete genes) Korea 2011
FAdV-4 ON1 GU188428.1 (complete genes) China 2011
FAdV-4 PJ-06 EU931692.1 (complete genes) India 2008
FAdV-4 PK-01 EU931693.1 (complete genes) India 2008
FAdV-4 MX-SHP95 KP295475.1 (complete genes) Mexico 2015
FAdV-4 HNZZ KX640901 (complete genes) China 2016
FAdV-4 HNAY KX640902 (complete genes) China 2016
FAdV-4 HB KX640903 (complete genes) China 2016
FAdV-4 JZ KX640904 (complete genes) China 2016
FAdV-4 XX KX640905 (complete genes) China 2016
FAdV-4 XC KX640906 (complete genes) China 2016
FAdV-4 LH KX640907 (complete genes) China 2016
FAdV-4 PY KX640908 (complete genes) China 2016
FAdV-4 KF KX640909 (complete genes) China 2016
FAdV-4 SQ KX640910 (complete genes) China 2016
FAdV-4 ZK KX640911 (complete genes) China 2016
FAdV-4 PDS KX640912 (complete genes) China 2016
FAdV-10 U26221 (complete genes) US 2000
FAdV-D FAdV-2 SR48 AF508946.1 (partial cds) --
FAdV-3 SR49 AF508948.2 (partial cds) --
FAdV-11 C2B AF508959.2 (partial cds) US
FAdV-D AC_000013.1 (complete genes) --
FAdV-E FAdV-6 CR119 AF508954.2 (partial cds) Japan
FAdV-7 YR36 AF508955.1 (partial cds) Japan
FAdV-8 58 AF508957.1 (partial cds) --
FAdV-8a TR59 AF508956.2 (partial cds) Japan
  1. Twelve strains were isolated and confirmed to be FAdV-4 positive by PCR. Sequenced Hexon genes from these strains were edited using DNAStar software, and deposited into GenBank under the accession number KX640901-KX640912. 24 strains from GenBank were used as reference strains. Serotypes, species and origins of these strains were provided. “--” indicated unknown