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Fig. 5

From: Asna1/TRC40 that mediates membrane insertion of tail-anchored proteins is required for efficient release of Herpes simplex virus 1 virions

Fig. 5

Asna1/TRC40 is required late in infection for efficient release of infectious virions from the cell. a To analyse the growth properties of HSV1 on Asna1/TRC40 depleted cells, HeLa cells were first transfected with Asna1/TRC40 specific or control (ctrl) siRNA for 48 h. Silencing was monitored as described in Fig. 2a (inset Fig. 5a). Subsequently, HeLa cells were infected with HSV1 at an MOI of 0.1. Cells and cell supernatants were harvested at the indicated time points. Virions present in cells or in the extracellular milieu were titrated by plaque assays on Vero cells in triplicates. b Genome copy/pfu ratio was determined for virions released from siRNA treated cells at 30 h.p.i. using plaque assays and realtime quantitative PCR

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