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Table 2 Amino acid mutations of the VP2 gene sequences analyzed in this study

From: Identification of a novel canine parvovirus type 2c in Taiwan

Isolate Amino acid at position
267 297 324 370 420 426 440
CPV2 (M38245) Phe Ser Tyr Gln Phe Asn Thr
Partial-length VP2
 CPV-2a-1a (n = 12) Phe Ala Ile Gln Phe Asn Thr
 CPV-2a-2b (n = 5) Tyr Ala Ile Gln Phe Asn Ala
 CPV-2b-1c (n = 4) Phe Ala Tyr Gln Phe Asp Thr
 CPV-2b-2d (n = 15) Tyr Ala Ile Gln Phe Asp Thr
 CPV-2b-3e (n = 4) Phe Ala Ile Gln Phe Asp Thr
 CPV-2c-1f (n = 38) Tyr Ala Ile Arg Phe Glu Thr
 CPV-2c-2g (n = 10) Tyr Ala Ile Arg Ser Glu Thr
  1. aKX396349, KX396353, KX396354, KX396356, KX396359, KX396365, KX396375, KX396377, KX396378, KX396385, KX396388, KX396419
  2. bKX396376, KX396390, KX396400, KX396404, KX396415
  3. cKX396348, KX396361, KX396383, KX396420
  4. dKX396368, KX396369, KX396370, KX396371, KX396372, KX396373, KX396374, KX396386, KX396387, KX396405, KX396406, KX396407, KX396409, KX396417, KX396421
  5. eKX396350, KX396351, KX396352, KX396382
  6. fKX396355, KX396357, KX396358, KX396360, KX396362, KX396363, KX396364, KX396366, KX396367, KX396379, KX396380, KX396381, KX396384, KX396389, KX396391, KX396392, KX396393, KX396394, KX396395, KX396396, KX396397, KX396399, KX396401, KX396402, KX396403, KX396408, KX396410, KX396411, KX396412, KX396413, KX396414, KX396422, KX396424, KX396425, KX396427, KX396433, KX396434, KX396435
  7. gKX396398, KX396416, KX396418, KX396423, KX396426, KX396428, KX396429, KX396430, KX396431, KX396432