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Table 2 Nucleotide and amino acid substitutions of attenuation positions in oral PV vaccine strains Sabin 3 and four PV3 isolates

From: Characterization of four vaccine-related polioviruses including two intertypic type 3/type 2 recombinants associated with aseptic encephalitis

Strain 5′UTR VP3 VP1
  Nucleotide (472) Nucleotide (2034) Amino acid (91) Nucleotide (2493) Amino acid (6)
Sabin 3 T T Phe C Thr
RF108 T T Phe T ILe
RF134 T T Phe T ILe
RF146 T T Phe T ILe
RF151 T T Phe T ILe
WPV3 C C Ser T ILe
  1. The nucleotide mutation position refers to the complete genome, whereas the corresponding amino acid change is numbered according to the primary amino acid sequence of a given protein after cleavage of the polyprotein precursor