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Fig. 2

From: Immunogenicity of porcine circovirus type 2 nucleic acid vaccine containing CpG motif for mice

Fig. 2

Histopathological changes in the lungs (A-D), kidney (E-H) and liver (I-L) of mice infected by PCV2 (HE). Mice of group I (PBS) showed alveolar walls were thick and inflammatory cells were in the lung bronchia (a). Mice of group II (pVAX1) showed interstitial pneumonia, and congestion was observed in alveolar interlobular interval and infiltration with inflammatory cells (b). A few of inflammatory cells were observed in alveoli of group III (pVAX1-ORF2) (c). Wider congestion in the glomeruli was observed in group I-III, and degenerative necrosis in kidney tubules were observed in group I and II (e, f). The typical or slight vacuoles granular degeneration was observed in hepatocyte of group I or III, respectively (i, k). The hepatocyte of group II showed slight atrophy (j). No obvious unusual changes were observed in lungs, liver and kidney of group IV (d, h, l). The scale bar is 100 mm

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