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Table 1 Measles virus complete genome sequences used in sequence analyses

From: Common position of indels that cause deviations from canonical genome organization in different measles virus strains

Strain name Acc. no. Genotype
Edmonston (AIK-C vaccine)a AF266286 A
Edmonston (Moraten vaccine)a, b AF266287 A
Edmonston (Zagreb vaccine)a AF266290 A
Edmonston (Schwarz vaccine)a, b AF266291 A
Edmonston Enders (Morten)a, b FJ211583 A
Schwarz master seed (MEV10016)a, b FJ211589 A
Schwarz lot AMJRB107Ba, b FJ211590 A
Schwarz FF-8a AB591381 A
Edmonston wild-type straina AF266288 A
Edmonston (Rubeovax vaccine)a AF266289 A
Edmonston Zagreb master seeda, c AY486083 A
Edmonston Zagreb working seeda, c AY486084 A
Edmonston a, NC K01711 A
Changchun-47d EF033071 A
Changchun-47d FJ416068 A
Leningrad-4 AY730614 A
Leningrad-16 master seede JF727649 A
Leningrad-16 final vaccinee JF727650 A
CAM-70 vaccine lot2f DQ345721 A
CAM-70 vaccine lot1f DQ345722 A
CAM-70 10pCEFf DQ345723 A
Shanghai-191 EU435017 A
Shanghai-191 FJ416067 A
KS HM439386 B3
MVi/New Jersey.USA/45.05 JN635408 B3
Ichinose-B95a NC_001498 D3
D-V/Sg EU293548 D3
D-CEF EU293549 D3
Davis87g EU293550 D3
D-VI EU293551 D3
D-VII EU293552 D3
T11wild AB481087 D3
T11Ve-23 AB481088 D3
MVi/California.USA/8.04 JN635409 D3
MVi/Tokyo.JPN/37.99(Y) NC GQ376026 D3
MVi/Tokyo.JPN/37.99(Y)C7 NC GQ376027 D3
SSPE-Kobe-1h, NC AB254456 D3
SIh JF791787 pending
MVi/Treviso.ITA/03.10/1[D4] NC KC164757 D4
MVi/New York.USA/26.09/3 NC JN635402 D4
MVi/Florida.USA/19.09 NC JN635403 D4
MVi/Washington.USA/18.08/1 JN635405 D5
MVi/Arizona.USA/11.08/2 JN635406 D5
MVs/Zagreb.CRO/47.02/[D6] SSPE h, NC DQ227318 D6
97-45881 NC DQ227319 D6
MVs/Zagreb.CRO/08.03/ SSPE h, NC DQ227320 D6
WA.USA/17.98 NC DQ227321 D6
MVi/California.USA/16.03 JN635410 D7
MVi/Virginia.USA/15.09 JN635404 D8
MVi/Texas.USA/4.07 JN635407 D8
MVi/Muenchen.DEU/19.13[D8] KJ410048 D8
MVi/Venice.ITA/06.11/1[G3] KC164758 G3
MVi/Pennsylvania.USA/20.09 JN635411 H1
IMB-1 FJ161211 H1
MVi/Zhejiang.CHN/7.05/4 DQ211902 H1
MVi/Zhejiang.CHN/10.05/1[H1] KJ755976 H1
MVi/Zhejiang.CHN/12.09/1[H1] KJ755980 H1
MVi/Zhejiang.CHN/10.11/2[H1] KJ755982 H1
MVi/Zhejiang.CHN/16.10/2[H1] KJ755981 H1
MVi/Zhejiang.CHN/12.08/1[H1] KJ755979 H1
MVi/Zhejiang.CHN/14.07/1[H1] KJ755978 H1
MVi/Zhejiang.CHN/12.06/2[H1] KJ755977 H1
MVi/Zhejiang.CHN/02/2[H1] KJ755975 H1
MVi/Zhejiang.CHN/99/2[H1] KJ755974 H1
  1. astrains belonging to Edmonston lineage
  2. bidentical sequences
  3. cidentical sequences
  4. didentical sequences
  5. eidentical sequences
  6. fidentical sequences
  7. gidentical sequences
  8. hstrains isolated from patients with subacute sclerosing panencephalitis
  9. NCstrains showing deviations from canonical genome organization
  10. Non-canonical strains are indicated in bold